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BendixKiel is a Podio Consultancy that help you unleash the power of Social Business. McKinsey estimates a 20-25% productivity increase among knowledge workers. The IT platform needs to be social, and Podio is the market leading choice. The work ethics and think needs to be social too.

BendixKiel is a Podio Consultancy consisting of Podio Work Architects in the sense that we create the digital spaces in which work is more effective, social and personally valuable. We have implemented Podio in both small and large companies around the world.

Let us help you unleash social in your company.

We have launched SmartGantt, a Gantt solution build for Podio.

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“There is a
possible increase by
20-25% in productivity
by using Social
Technologies in and
between organisations.”

by McKinsey

We solve problems

We are

We are a dedicated team of Podio Work Architects. We work with our clients on solving critical business issues and challenges.
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We think

We need to work both with the human and non-human entities in bringing the value to life and solving critical business issues.
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We do

Our solutions are focused on the humans and the work in the organization and supported by specific setups of Podio.
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“Since BendixKiel helped us retrieve, organize and revise information in a transparent, collaborative and unified fashion, quality has gone up and administration time been drastically cut”
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“We are very codependent of our partners. BendixKiel helped support collaboration and knowledge transfer through an IT platform optimized for cross-organizational work flows”
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Nordjyske Media

“Integrating management and feedback mechanisms into an intuitive innovation platform, BendixKiel helped us generate 71 ideas and 7 was implemented in less than two months”
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