Gantt for Podio

Public Launch – 5th of May

SmartGantt has now been launched. Please visit

SmartGantt is build for Podio to let the users visualize and edit items from a Gantt chart view. This makes it easier planning, working on and keeping track of projects.

Here are some of the features you can expect from SmartGantt:

– Multiple apps in one view

– Three level structure (App A reference App B reference App C)

– Progress visible on the bar in the Gantt chart

– Dependencies

– Drag-n-drop changes in the Gantt for Podio

– Filtering

– Free test period 14 days

– And much more!

Later we will also be adding Resource Management features and alternative Timeline views that are different from the Gantt Chart view. We think it will be pretty awesome.



Always open to feature request and good ideas!

Hundreds of users have already shared their ideas with us. If you are missing any specific features, then please fill out this short web form and let us know.

We are looking forward to bring you SmartGantt build for Podio.


Best Regards

Team BendixKiel


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