How to put images in calc fields


Podio Calculation field makes use of Markdown features, so we are free to use them.

One of those features is to put an image from the internet in a Calculation field. We will use the following syntax;

! [ text ] ( webAddressForImage )

text can be anything, it is not taken into account at all. It may as well be omitted.

Just copy paste the following code to a Calculation field:

@Text ? “![](” : ”

/* ——————————————————————————————————-

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———————————————————————————————————– */


And replace the @Text with any text field of your app. We just include a redundant @Text, in order to make calc field work. You can replace the web address: with one of your own. It should be an image web address.


Thus, the following changes in “Modify Template”:



give us the following result:


If this doesn’t work, check if you can access the web address via your browser. Sometimes image URL is a Podio uploaded image that you may not have access to.

Tip: You can find the web-address of an image if you hover on this image and look at the left bottom on your screen (for Windows). Be careful, it could be a link.

Still not working? There should not been any space characters between “!”, “[ ]” and “( )”.

Another thing that may cause trouble is the web-image. Try to download an image that you store by yourself on Podio, DropBox etc.

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