Merging text fields, empty ones will not appear



Merging Text fields is easy, works in this way:

@Text1 + @Text2 + @Text3

Of course, you can merge text that is in ” “, for example:

“Here is text 1: ” + @Text1 + “\nHere is text 2:” + @Text2

But what happens if some text fields are empty? We would like to have a big text field with all the text fields that have a value. You can achieve that by the following code:

(@Text Field 1 ? @Text Field 1 : “”) + “\n” + 
(@Text Field 2 ? @Text Field 2 : “”) + “\n” + 
(@Text Field 3 ? @Text Field 3 : “”) 

/* ——————————————————————————————————-

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———————————————————————————————————– */


We are merging 3 text fields here, all you need to do is replace the values @Text Field with your own text fields. 

Thus, the following changes in “Modify Template”:


give us the following result:



In case we did not fill in some Text fields, results will be the following:




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