Our philosophy:

Work and life is an Ecosystem

Interdependence is the structure upon which companies are build. We work together. We look at work as an Ecosystem – a network of interactions between humans and between humans and non-humans. To solve critical business issues both human and non-human entities should be analysed and optimized.

We believe that…

“…meeting the business objectives goes hand in hand with a more human Work Ecosystem.”

“…social is a tool to solve critical business challenges.”

“…work does not has to hurt to do good. Work can be fun and add positively to life.”

“…people and activities goes before organizations.”

“…we work within Work Ecosystems and not just in organizations.”

“…all businesses can benefit of thinking themselves as a distributed organization.”

“…technology is an enabler and a critical show stopper.”

“…social technologies are not the goal, but the means to achieving the business objectives.”

“…enabling and empowering the employees to select and improve their own work tools.”

“…the way we work should be reflected in the tools we use.”

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