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Feel unsure if you have the optimal Podio setup? – Lets help you evaluate your current Podio setup to get the most out of Podio.


Basic – USD$ 1,000

Extended – USD$ 2,000

Custom – get an estimate via the webform


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We help organizations get the most out of Podio. We do Process mapping, Platform architecture, Podio setup, implementation and optimization. 

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Increase productivity


We can increase productivity by up to 20% and increase enjoyment of life at the same time by utilizing Podio in and between organizations.

Outdated tools – Documents, spreadsheets and email – in our daily work leads to ineffectivity and bad habits.

We believe in fixing the problems, not just treating the symptoms. Our solutions are focused on the humans in the organization and supported by customized setups of Podio.

 “Collaboration, relationships and culture are the challenges, not Tech and security.”

by Danske Bank

No one-size-fits-all


We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. This is why we focus on specific challenges and critical business issues for our clients and work with them on solving these.


Free stuff

SmartGantt logo

We have developed a full blown Gantt chart solution for Podio. SmartGantt lets you visualize your projects, deliverables and other Podio app items in a Gantt chart. Have a look!

On PodioHelp we share our insights and knowledge on Podio and Social Enterprise to inspire Podio users all over the world. Click to read!

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