Show your referenced item fields in a table


Example of table

Let’s say you have used a Relationship field in your app for referencing another app, and you want to show a nice table with specific fields of each referenced item.

Then you should copy paste the following javascript to a Calculation field:

var fn = @All of First Name;
var ln = @All of Last Name;
var oc = @All of Occupation;
var bd = @All of BirthDate;

var i;
var h, m, s, r, dur;
var res = “First Name|Last Name|Occupation|BirthDate|\n:— | :— | :— | :—\n”;

if(fn.length == 0){
res = “No referenced items”;

} else {

for(i = 0; i < fn.length ; i++){

/* Create table element */
res += fn[i] + “|” +
ln[i] + “|” +
oc[i] + “|” +
moment(bd[i]).format(“DD/MM/YYYY”) + “|\n”

/* ——————————————————————————————————-

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———————————————————————————————————– */

Don’t forget to replace the “@All of” variables that are in the very beginning of this javascript with your own referenced item fields.Then you can show four fields in the table.

You also need to replace the line:

var res = “First Name|Last Name|Occupation|BirthDate|\n:— | :— | :— | :—\n”;

with your own field titles!

So instead of “First Name”, “Last Name”, etc you will put your own field titles. It is easy to find out if you experiment a little bit.

Let’s try to put it in Modify Template:

Modify template in Podio

So the result is the following:


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